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Alchemic Village

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Product Description

An alchemic village take life inside a big crystal ball, it feeds up of an Sun eclipse which is in the artwork basement.

Three big crossed doors with three lions guard the village, where towers of different sizes bravely open up toward a sky with the limits of a faith, of a firmament. God kows and defines everything and for this the village is life and death in the same time.

At the top of the artwork a big ring contains an alchemic egg, from where an eagle will take a perpetual flight, like everyone’s soul toward God.

The jewel, created in a very long period where time represents only the sequence of nights that were little enilghtened by the following day, it’s a bronze, gold and silver, with diamonds and amethysts scultpure.

Alessandro Dari Gioielli
Chiusura Bottega
La Bottega resterà chiusa nei giorni 25 Gennaio e 26 Gennaio
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