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Holy Spider I

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Product Description

The Holy Spider I, created during the 1996/97 two years period, is a unique piece,  a neckless with a magical and talismanical to wear in special occasions, concept which Dari uses often in his creations.

The Goldsmithwith wants this jewel to represent the union of two insects, spider and beetle. In our immaginary, spider represents dread, while beetle is aknowledged as an holy sign, mainly linked to the Egiptyan. 

According to the ancient egiptyan, put on the beetle implied Gods protection and it was emblem of strength and bravery.

In the beetle, which according a common belief be born from a feces ball, the egiptyan saw an image of autocreation, from here its divine nature.

Alessandro Dari Gioielli
Chiusura Bottega
La Bottega resterà chiusa nei giorni 25 Gennaio e 26 Gennaio
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