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Product Description

With this great gold and bronze sculpture, whit silver elements, created in 2006, Alessandro Dari attempts to give a representation of the void perceptive time, where every sensorial form is oriented to our own soul. A deep prayer, a divine sound whit the same vibration of our own being.

The bearing structure is in wood and brass. The moon has in its center a big spheric rock crystal which amplifies the underlying aquamarine light and color.

The part below has a bronze woman bodice with no arms which, like a feminine lunar armor, protects a fetus that lives inside the oscillating ampoule. At the sculpture base,  a big, full of red-hot crystal of light chalice big more than two meters.

In the artwork the woman bodice refigures a shape of the feminine universe, alive and procreative. The mercury, present in a glowing ampoule that overhangs the woman, represents the ultimate alchemic deity and adjoins perpetually the two mother-son elements giving them the opportunity to transmute in something holy and evolved, perhaps God. The baby swings whit his own life rhythm and in this time he finds life. The union of the unlike due to the living and not living matter.

On top violin chords stretch on the lunar body to find in its vibration the womanly sound that lives hide inside her. The sculpture wooden structure is a big working harmonic box.

The Sun is represented like a big acuminate bronzed disk that transmits the musical vibrations to the Moon surface; in fact the violin chords converge all in this Sun which doesn’t transmute but give to the sound perception transduction.

Alessandro Dari Gioielli
Chiusura Bottega
La Bottega resterà chiusa nei giorni 25 Gennaio e 26 Gennaio
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