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Product Description

This dynamic sculptured jewellery piece, conceived by the artist when he was sixteen years old, was inspired by the music song of the same name by the band Genesis. The maestro was 46 years old when he started the project in ? and he finished it in May 2015. It is the most important work to date of the artist. This complex jewellery construction tells the tale of the maestro’s life, starting from birth and continues through to death. Birth is represented by the purple pomegranate in ring form, the only piece that is wearable from the whole ensemble, and death is represented by the fatal embrace in the central disc which depicts Alessandro embracing a child. The moths dancing in flight in the upper part of the work, symbolically evoke the transition before resurrection. The musical angel in the flower captures and purifies all sounds which are destined to nourish the soul.

Alessandro Dari Gioielli
Chiusura Bottega
La Bottega resterà chiusa nei giorni 25 Gennaio e 26 Gennaio
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