Alessandro Dari

In the historic setting of the marvellous Florence,
a forge of innovation, a cradle of revolutionary visions,
the exclusive works of Maestro Dari come to life.

Alessandro Dari is a Florentine Master of Goldsmith Arts and sculptor. A profound lover of art in all its forms and founder of the artistic movement called “Perceptive Dynamism”, the Master is also a classical guitar musician and graduate in Pharmacy . He is an all-around artist, heir to the poetic and ingenuity of the Great Renaissance artists. Personal experience nourishes his spirit ever day and guides him in the process of creating each work, with the incandescent light of new inspiration.

The creations

Maestro Dari, who has always been a profound scholar of all the ancient and modern sciences, fuses the physical world and the spiritual world in an alchemy of forms and thought that shapes his jewels.

The techniques used descend from the Etruscan, Classical, Gothic or Renaissance style epochs in which the art of jewelry has known its maximum splendor.

The Master inherits themes such as architecture and anatomy from antiquity and for the first time inserts them into the artistic language of jewelry, giving life to new creations, such as those present in the “Church Collection” ( 1980-1985) and the subsequent “Castles Collection”  (1990)

  • Anubi

  • Woman of Abyss

  • Kiss of Life

  • Village of the Abyss


The school

The only school of jewelry sculpture where you can learn the goldsmith’s art through a unique experience, founded of the union of the arts.

Master Alessandro Dari’s high school of artistic jewelry continues the tradition of the ancient Florentine artistic workshop, in which manual skills and art come together in a masterful expression of knowledge. Theoretical learning starts from the observation of the form of reality, from the exercise of geometric design and from the study of the golden section, to arrive at the production of architectural and anatomical elements.