Alessandro Dari

The Master of Artistic Jewels in Florence

 Within the storied ambience of enchanting Florence, a beacon of innovative artistry, emerge the handcrafted art jewelry pieces by Alessandro Dari, each a testament to enduring craftsmanship.

A maestro goldsmith and sculptor from Florence, Alessandro Dari infuses his deep-rooted passion for art into every piece of handcrafted jewelry. As the pioneer of the “Perceptual Dynamism” movement, Dari stands as a multifaceted artist, bridging classical music and a pharmaceutical background into his creative process, reviving the Renaissance spirit in each unique creation. His journey continuously sparks fresh inspiration, leading to the crafting of world-class, unique artistic jewels that transcend time and place.

The creations

The Artistic Jewels of Alessandro Dari

Master Dari, Guardian of Ancient Wisdom and Explorer of Modern Sciences, Melds the Physical and the Spiritual in a Unique Alchemy to Shape His World-Class Art Jewelry.

Employing techniques derived from Etruscan, Classical, Gothic, and Renaissance art, Master Dari handcrafts artistic jewels that merge languages and styles from architecture to anatomy.

This artistic fusion has birthed unique collections, including the “Churches Collection” (1980-1985) and the “Castles Collection” (1990), true masterpieces of design and craftsmanship at the heart of Florence.

  • Anubi

  • Woman of Abyss

  • Kiss of Life

  • Village of the Abyss


The school

The Art Jewelry School Of Florence

The Only Sculptural Jewelry School to Learn the Art of Goldsmithing Through a Unique, Art-Integrated Experience.

The Advanced School of Artistic Jewelry led by Master Alessandro Dari pays homage to the historical artistic workshops of Florence, where craftsmanship and art converge in a sublime exercise of knowledge.

Here, technical learning starts with the observation of reality’s forms, progresses through the art of geometric drawing and the study of the golden ratio, and culminates in the replication of architectural and anatomical elements. It’s an educational journey to create handcrafted jewelry that stands as true masterpieces of goldsmith art.