Advanced Course of the Jewel of Art

The school

The jewelry sculpture school was born from the desire of Master Dari to train the jewelers of tomorrow in the Goldsmith Art and is the only Institute in Italy to offer a tailor-made course in jewelry microsculpture. The teaching method captures the legacy of the ancient Florentine artistic workshop to provide a unique learning experience, founded on the union of the Arts. The history of the jewel, even if it is static, becomes in the Museum-workshop of Master Dari a vehicle of entry  to other forms: from static to dynamic.

In the goldsmith school, the student is placed in an environment that stimulates creativity where he can learn and experience the artistic current of Perceptual dynamism, founded by the master. The learning model of the student of the school as the first disciples of the new artistic movement, is not based on the mere repetition of the works but on a continuous creative stimulus to approach the form, making it one’s own, activating one’s perception and once’s perception style.

Who is it for?

The school is aimed at goldsmith students and professionals who wish to learn or to go into details the techniques of the Goldsmith Art. With a personalized approach, in classes of up to 7 people in a real historical Florentine workshop.

The limited number of students ensures that each participant is constantly followed by Master Dari for a more effective learning experience. The intimate dimension of the school allows a very high organizational efficiency, in a familiar and at the same time disciplined and rigorous working climate.

Mission and skills

The mission of the Goldsmith School is to offer an individual tailor-made course, highly specialized and adaptable to the requests and attitude to the students or professional who wants to specialized the Etruscan Goldsmith Art, this is to provide him with the highest degree of preparation possible. At the end of the course the student or the professional will have acquired solid professional and technical skills combined with artistic research and design. The ultimate goal is to free the creative potential of every aspiring Goldsmith as well as of artisans and artists already initiated into this profession.

Final artifact

At the end of the first module of the Goldsmith sculpture course in Della Cera sculpture techniques, the student is able to create a wax prototype of a ring, a pendant, a bracelet or another piece of jewelry, which in a second moment with the lost -wax casting technique- it is transformed and molded into an exact copy in precious or non-precious metal.

The program


– Modeling and excavation of various types of waxes: hard, medium ,soft, tube, plate, block, wire

– Preparation of wax models for jewelry.

– Application of the most important techniques such as: use of the hacksaw for wax, files, emery, cutters, wax, heater gun for wax, welding and finishing of the wax piece.

– Lining and polishing of the casting

Basic duration: 1 month
Full duration: 3 months
From Monday to Friday, from 10.00 to 16.00.

The courses have a variable duration from 1 to 3 months, based on the level of skills and the hourly availability of the students.
The price is directly proportional to the duration of the training course. The courses have open dates all year -round.

Flexibility of schedule

Alessandro Dari Jewelry school guarantees that they can undergo changes as needed thanks to its highly personalized dimension, a high flexibility: both the timetable of the lessons  and the attendance of the students.

Master Dari is available to arrange Master classes, intensive courses of training weekends with programs designed ad hoc to meet every training need.

Course modules

Theory and practice

Available throughout the year, the Della Cera Sculptural Techniques course focuses on concept not only of the artistic language but also of closely related to the disciplines such as Architecture and Anatomy. Theoretical learning starts from the observation of the form of reality from the exercise of geometric design and from the study of the golden section.

This leads to the practical reproduction of Architectural and anatomical elements in wax following the approach of the tradition of the Florentine Goldsmith shops of the Renaissance, the student receives useful stimuli to rework intimate thoughts on the Goldsmith’s Art both from the Master Dari and from the observation of the artifacts.

1. Study and application of the golden section on plane geometry (study of a Gothic window)

2. Evolution of the golden section on three-dimensional geometry (study of a violin hedgehog).

3. Application of the golden section in the development of anatomical forms (use of soft wax)

4. Application of the golden section on complex geometric shapes (canonical)

5. Application of the golden section on complex anatomical shapes (use of hard wax)

6. Development of an individual project by the student on the basis of previous studies.


Student of Jewelry Sculpture are admitted to the Course upon presentation previously made. No more than 7 students are followed at the same time. The materials and equipment for the creation of the artifacts are provide by the School and are included in the price of the course.


Excluding precious stones

€ 3.400,00 Monthly
€ 200,00 as deposit at the beginning of the course

The materials used are provided by the Goldsmith School, as well as the tools necessary for carrying out the work.  Are excluded from the materials: gold and precious stones .