Lunar Compass


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This spiritual navigation instrument made in 2001 is a bracelet in gold, silver and bronze with a large rock crystal in the shape of a lens and a mercury level. A fire opal is set in the closure of the bracelet. Interested in the study of fields and magnetic force, the Master wanted to create a compass that would show man the way to follow. He has begun to think and reflect on the consistency of this magnetic force that guides man in a direction that leads far away, but which, in his opinion, will never make him understand where he is going, if first the man himself cannot understand who really is. The lunar compass gives the wearer the opportunity to try to look first of all towards an interiority and a spirituality that resides in every man. The moon symbolizes the spirit in conditions of free rotation with gimbal adjustment. The systematic pointer, in the upper part, highlights the lunar surface and overturns the image in front of it, as if to say that the navigation procedure is the opposite of the usual one because it is inwards, towards the soul.

The jewels are entirely handmade by Maestro Alessandro Dari, they are unique pieces created with materials of the highest quality. The production of the products takes about 20/30 days from the receipt of the order.

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