Lunar Time

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Alessandro Dari tries to create a representation of the null perceptive time, where each sensory form is turned towards one’s soul, through this big bronze and gold sculpture with silver elements made in 2006. It is a deep prayer, a divine sound with the same vibration of one’s being. The supporting structure is in wood and brass. The moon has a big spherical rock crystal in its center that amplifies the light and the color of the aquamarine below. The underlying part has a bronze bust of a woman without arms that protects a fetus living inside an oscillating ampoule as if it were a female armor. At the base of the sculpture, over two meters, a large chalice is full of incandescent crystal of light. In the work, the bust of a woman depicts a form of the female universe, living and procreative. The mercury, that is present in an illuminated ampoule overlooking the woman, represents the alchemical divinity par excellence and unites the two mother-child elements in a perpetual way, giving them the opportunity to be able to transmute into something evolved and sacred, perhaps God. The child swings with the rhythm of his life and it is in this “time” that he finds life. It is the union of the dissimilar by the work of living and non-living matter. Above, the strings of a violin stretch over the lunar body in order to find in its vibration of sound the female that lives and is hidden in it. The wooden structure of the sculpture is a large functioning soundbox. The Sun is depicted as a large sharp bronze disk as if it could to transmit sound vibrations to the surface of the Moon; in fact the strings of the violin all converge in this Sun which does not transmute but transduces the perception of sound.

The jewels are entirely handmade by Maestro Alessandro Dari, they are unique pieces created with materials of the highest quality. The production of the products takes about 20/30 days from the receipt of the order.

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