Master Alessandro Dari

In the historic setting of wonderful Florence,
forge of innovations and cradle of revolutionary visions,
the elitist works of the Master in goldsmiths come to life,
jeweler, sculptor and musician.

>> National Jewelery Ambassador << 

Alessandro Dari is a Florentine Master of Arts, Goldsmith and Sculptor, but not only. Founder of the artistic movement called Perceptive Dynamism

The “Maestro” is also a classical guitarist and a graduate in pharmacy: a well-rounded artist whose family history dates back nearly 400 years.

His personal experience nourishes and stimulates him in the creation of each work. The Master believes that the Goldsmith Art has not yet found the right consideration and full recognition at a global level, the reason is that the mass society has a point of view that is too hedonistic and on the other side poor in spirituality.

The Creations

Maestro Dari is a great scholar of ancient and modern science, he combines the physical world with the spiritual world in an alchemy of forms and thoughts, which he constantly lives and from which he draws inspiration for his works.

The techniques used by Master Dari refer to the Etruscan, Classical, Gothic and Renaissance styles. In these styles and epochs, the Goldsmiths’ Art has known its greatest splendor. Thereafter, the use of innovative themes to create new jewels: architecture and anatomy are elements constantly present in all creations of the Master.

As for the “Chiese” collection (1980-1895) and the following “Castelli” collection (1990): for the first time in history, the world of jewels is combined with the architectural study.
The innovative “Machinery Jewels” collection is particularly impressive, the precious shines through a research that is apparently far from the goldsmiths art, becoming a propulsion and  lighting machine.

In his workshop Master Dari performs all processing steps of the jewels: fusion, enameling, engraving and setting of the stones. Each step is treated with the utmost passion directly by the Master, who performs all works personally: in very limited series only for the historical collections. In fact, all the other works are unique pieces in the world

The Museum Bottega

According to the many studies regarding the genealogical tree of the Dari family the Florentine origins date back to at least 1630.

It is widely recorded that the ancestors of the Master were skilled artists in the craft of stone, bronze and jewelry working.

The first workshop was born with Aldebrando Dari in 1630. Located in Borgo Pinti in Florence, he produced important jewels and small bronze sculptures for the nobles of the city and for the church. Certainly, a dynasty with a great goldsmithing tradition that add up to nearly 400 years of history.

The brand of the ancient Florentine workshop, a Gothic church with initials inside, has been the same ever since. Alessandro Dari has been using it for over 35 years, his paternal grandfather gave it to him, and at

Scuola orafa Firenze

Advanced Course of the Jewel of Art

The Goldsmiths School for Art jewels of Master Dari continues the tradition of the ancient Florentine artistic workshops, providing experience that is unique based on the union of the arts.
Theoretical learning starts from the observation of the forms of reality, with geometric drawing exercises and the study of the golden section.
And this is how we arrive to the practical reproduction of architectural and anatomical elements in wax.