Etruscan Goldsmiths’ school in Florence

Master Dari has dedicated over 12 years of intense studies to Etruscan art, and thanks to his deep knowledge of it, it is possible to learn from him the techniques and secrets. The Etruscan goldsmithing art is one of his greatest artistic expressions. The student that wants to learn the history and how to make jewelry can make the advanced Etruscan Goldsmiths’ course. In fact, Master Dari has opened a highly personalized Jewelry Sculpture School, inside his own Museum – Workshop. The school continues the tradition of the ancient Florentine artistic workshops, but not only.

Followed directly by the Master, the students or the goldsmith professionals can measure themselves with the Etruscan goldsmithing techniques. Over the years Master Dari has developed peculiar characteristics like the union of the ancient Etruscan goldsmithing techniques together with those of modern and contemporary goldsmithing. The final purpose is both to train goldsmiths specialized in Etruscan Art, and to stimulate the creative potential of each goldsmith as well as artisans and artists already initiated to this profession. The student will then become the first disciple of the new artistic movement founded by the Master and called by him the Perceptive Dynamism.

Mission e Skills

The mission of the goldsmiths’ school is to offer an individual tailor-made course, highly specialized and adaptable to the requests and attitudes of the student or professional who wants to specialize in the Etruscan goldsmithing art. The purpose is to provide the highest degree of preparation possible. At the end of the course the student or professional will have acquired extensive professional and technical skills about the Etruscan art of jewelry. The approach of the Master is that the stone or the metal used are not at the center of the goldsmithing art. On the contrary, everything must start from the form, from the emotion that inspires. In this way, the students will be able to attribute a strong emotion to their artistic works.

The Museum-Workshop of Master Dari is a Jewelry School that is unique in the world: the workshop of the Master is in fact part of the Florentine art shops and is existing since 1630. The Goldsmiths’ school is located in the district of San Niccolò in Florence, in an area of great atmosphere, far from the major tourist flows, where the true character of the life in Florentine workshops comes out.

The limited number of students ensures that each participant can be personally supervised by Master Dari, for a tailor-made learning. The intimate dimension of the School allows a very high organizational efficiency, in a professional, disciplined but at the same time familiar working environment

Final Manufactured Product

At the end of the advanced Etruscan goldsmith course, the students or professionals are able to produce a work independently and they have learned the necessary techniques to continue the tradition of the Etruscan goldsmiths art.


Basis duration: 1 month. Complete duration: 3 months. From Monday to Friday, from 10.00 am to 4.00 pm.

The courses have a duration of a minimum of 1 month to 3 months, it depends on the starting level. Depending on the skills and time availability of students, the course may have a shorter or longer duration.

The price is directly proportional to the duration of the improvement path.

The dates of the courses are open the whole year.

Flexible timetable

Thanks to the highly personalized dimension that the Alessandro Dari School of Jewelry ensures, the class timetable and attendance can be changed, depending on the needs of the students. Moreover, depending on the level of knowledge of the students, the course may have a shorter or longer duration.

The price will be proportional to the duration of the course itself.

Maestro Dari is available to arrange Master Classes, Intensive Courses or Training Weekends, to meet the needs of each student.


Available during the whole year, the advanced goldsmithing course focuses on the study and the practice of the goldsmithing culture and the soldering and mixed techniques of embossing. The course can be made only if a minimum number of 3 students is reached.

Specifically, the module deals with:

  • Study of metal alloys.
  • Soldering technology
  • Granulation, study and practical execution.
  • Knurling, study and practical execution.
  • Filigree, study and practical execution.
  • Mixed Repoussè techniques in different volumes.
  • Design and technical study of a student work.
Flexible timetable

The materials and equipment used for creating the artifacts are provided by the School and are included in the price of the Course.


€ 1.200,00 Monthly

Advance payment: € 200,00 at the beginning of the course

The materials used are supplied by the school, as well as the tools necessary for carrying out the work. Gold and precious gemstones are excluded.

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