Jewelry School Florence

There is a place in Florence, where the secrets of the ancient Florentine Jewelery Arts are revealed

Inside the ancient ”Nasi Quaratesi” palace (where men Michelangelo Buonarroti and Raffaello Sanzio used to spend their time during the Ranaissance era) there is my Atelier/Workshop, where beside show my creations and my art to the public i attend my Jewelery School courses.

Here, i try to transfer the tradition of the ancient florentine artistic workshops and give an unique experience based on the arts’ fusion. As in the traditional florentine workshops of the Renaissance i believe that’s important for the student to get both from me, the teacher, and the observation of the creations, those necessary incentives that allow the developement of their personal vision of the Art.

A foundamental component of the formative path is the esperience on antique artistic tecniques, which are repropose in creations that, with various themes, face the jewlery history, form the Etrurians to the modern age.

As for my creations, i give space to the students’ fantasy and creativity:

thanks to my esperience in metals and stones lavoration, the students will know my secrets and will face their taste and skills, to achieve completely on their own the elaboration of a wax jewelery sculpute.

Two are the courses i teach, where i reveal the students the ancient secrets of the Florence jewelry school:

  • the Jewel Sculpturing School
  • the Etrurian Jewelery School

Jewel Sculpturing School

During the year i teach tecnical/theoric courses on wax modellation, based on architectonic and anatomic themes. Courses have a duration from 1 to 3 months depending the student previous knowledges. Once the job’s done the result is a wax prototype of a ring, a pendant, an armlet and more which next get trasformed in an exact copy of a jewel with the lost wax fusion tecnique.

The study program includes class of:

  • Modelling and excavation of the various types of wax
  • Preparation of wax models for the jewels
  • Appplication and use of all the most important tecniques ad tools
  • Grinding and polishing of the metal part

Etrurian Jewelery School

After 12 years of intense study, i made Etrurian Art one of my biggest artistic expression.

My art developed multiple many special features including the combination of ancient techniques of the Etruscan gold jewelry with the modern one.

The study program includes theoric classes and pratical executions of:

  • Metal alloys
  • Welding
  • Knurling
  • Watermarking
  • Design and tecnichal study of one student’s work

So, are you thinking about become a Goldsmith? I’m waiting for you in my Workshop in Florence, where time stopped in the Renascence Era and yoll’breath a magic atmosphere, having the chance to give Matter life and have an unique and unrepeatable time.