The Artist

Alessandro Dari is Florentine Goldsmith and Sculptor.

He works at his jewelry Museum-Shop in Florence in via San Niccolò 115/r, in the old Palace “Nasi-Quaratesi”, where you can admire its collection of precious metalwork and appreciate theuniqueness of sculptural jewelry containing gold processing and testing of the highest level.

The work is based on a constant search of his spiritual experience that nourishes and stimulates the creation of his works. According to the Goldsmith is an excellent art, not inferior to the other: an art that still, in his opinion, did not find the correct and full consideration because of the vision too hedonistic and poorly by offering spiritual ground.

The Titles of Goldsmith

Were dedicated to the artist many personal, as well as having participated in international exhibitions. Is the first to combine the anatomy and architecture in the world of contemporary jewellery.

Of particular importance is the work “The Sacred Spider“,kept in the prestigious Museo degli Argenti in Florence. The Goldsmith Dari is also Honorary Lecturer of jewellery of the Faculty of architecture in Florence. His works are exhibited at the Museo degli argenti in Palazzo Pitti and the Museum of the Cathedral of Fiesole. In 2003 he was awarded Perseus award as best artist of the city, and in 2006 was appointed the Vatican’s chosen artist.

His laboratory was awarded in 2001, entitled “Museo Bottega” by the Ministry of cultural heritage of Rome and, since last year, in the studio of the Goldsmith courses are held quarterly sculptural jewellery. Many were the newspapers, magazines and television shows who spoke of his works, in particular, note that the publications concerned: “Alchemy“, catalogue book summarizing his jewelry techniques and philosophy that guide him deep in his creations.

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Il Misticismo nelle Forme

Book/illustrated catalogue containing years of work of Master Goldsmith Alessandro Dari.
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Inside biography and artist training, techniques and over two hundred pages with photos and illustrations of the main collections made from 1980 to date with descriptions for each individual piece.

“The recount, real ones, whose value is not in the gold weight or carats, stones of the stories contained within it. Sometimes stories told in a simple, other times with cultured languages or encrypted. All the great jewelry recount, the important thing is to listen to them and them.”

“Dari is a great Narrator, probably one of the last storyteller. Rare in a world where it seems that there is nothing more to tell and anything that we can impress.”

Le Tecniche

The uniqueness of the art works made by Goldsmith Dari are also well established techniques and sculptural jewelry that accompany the construction of his works.

The processing is performed entirely by hand according to persasi technique in time and dating back more than 2500 years ago when in Etruria craftsmen used wax work from which the obtained gypsum with a mold in which the metal was poured.

Each specimen is forged and molded in a precise and unique style that give the artwork the further state of oneness. In the face of his in-depth studies from 2001 he has been teaching at the University Faculty of architecture in Florence where he was a three-year course of jewellery.

The Artist at Work


Book Profile of Atelier

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