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Since 1997 Maestro Dari’s Jewelry School Florence continues the tradition of the old artistic Florentine workshops and gives a unique experience based on the union of the Arts. The theoretical teaching starts from the observation of the real forms, the training of the geometrical design and the studies of the golden section and ends with the practical reproduction of architectonical and anatomic elements in wax. A fundamental component of the teaching concerns the experience on antique artistic techniques, which are reproprosed by the Maestro in those oeuvres where one can read the history of goldsmithing in various themes, starting from the Etruscans until Contemporary Art.  As one sees in his creations, where reality, architecture and nature suggest, the individual creativity and the space for fantasy will be given to the single students: the guidance of the Maestro in working the precious metals and stones will get them closer to the secrets of this handicraft, and they will measure themselves with their own taste and capacities in order to arrive autonomously to the final result of a sculpted jewel in wax.  Exactly like in the renaissance Florentine workshops it is important that the student receives from the Maestro and from the observation of the jewels those necessary stimuli in order to elaborate the intimate and personal thoughts on art. The duration of the course depends on the level of the student’s basic preparation and his/her level of maturation which will be proposed in the making of artistic objects.

Jewelry School Florence

Master in the year makes courses on technical and theoretical modeling of wax on architectural and anatomical themes. The corse are long from 1 to 3 months according to the start level. At the end of the work you get a prototype of a wax ring, pendant, bracelet or other that later, with the technique of lost wax casting, are transformed into exact copy of precious metal or not precious metal. Students will be admitted to the course previus presentation of some work done previously..  Do not follow more than 5 students simultaneously. All materials and equipment used are provided by the school, and are included in the price of the course..

Days and Hours: Monday to Friday from 10.00 to 16.00

Cost: € 1.400,00 Monthly

Deposit: € 200,00 at the beginning of the Course


  • Modeling and excavation of the various types of wax (hard, medium, soft, tube, slab, block, wire).
  • Preparation of wax models for jewelery.
  • Application of all the most important techniques (use the hacksaw to wax, lime, porbeagle, cutters,warmwax , gun wax, welding and finishing the piece in wax).
  • Grinding and polishing of the metal part.

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We thank Alessandro and you for being so nice with ower tresure and beautty Sofi!!! It ‘s very hard for us not having her here with us but, we make all the best for her future specially that now life is more competitive!!!
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