The Museum Bottega

in 2001 The Atelier of Master Dari has been recognized “Workshop Museum” by the Department of Fine Arts of Rome, it is located in via di San Niccolò, a few steps from the famous Ponte Vecchio in the heart of the historic center of Florence.
In the Workshop Museum, located in the ancient Palazzo “Nasi-Quaratesi” dating back to 1400 and where more than two centuries ago the “Madonna del Cardellino” by Raffaello Sanzio was found, we can admire the collections of Master Alessandro Dari and appreciate their uniqueness. All creations are in fact placed in the twenty-two showcases of the museum, with particular care for the setting of the collections. A part of the large sixteenth-century hall is used as a study-laboratory with 7 working places for the students.
In fact, in 2014 Master Dari began holding in his workshop sculptural goldsmithing courses customized to the requests of students or professionals who wish to specialize with a recognized Master. Here the metal is worked according to the method already used during Renaissance: we will start with casting, until we arrive to the gemstone setting. Also enameling and patination of metals are done inside the big workshop.

Perceptive Dynamism, an artistic movement founded twenty years ago by Maestro Alessandro Dari, permeates the whole environment: every student, but also every visitor of the Museum-Workshop, gets inside a world that belongs to him and that joins him to others. This perception has a strong emotional impact, stimulating creativity, lowering the defenses of the person that also Bach calls “Guardian of the Soul”, becoming a gateway to a new world.

In the upper part of the atelier there is also a corner for drawing and playing. In fact, we cannot forget the passion of the Master for classical guitar and for sacred music.

The Workshop

The workshop of Master Dari is also his “Bottega”, which is also “Museum”: it is located in the ancient Palazzo Nasi – Quaratesi, built in 1400, where the Madonna del Cardellino by Raphael was found. The Palace is located in the district of San Niccolò in Florence, in Via San Niccolò 115/r. Inside we can admire more than 900 jewels, divided into jewelry collections, and we can appreciate the uniqueness of the jewels that enclose sculptural work and goldsmith experimentation of the highest levels.

In 2001 his workshop was awarded the title of ‘Bottega’ Museum by the Department of Fine Arts in Rome and it has also become a School: in fact, in his atelier the Master teaches monthly and three-monthly courses or Master Class courses of Sculptural Goldwork.