Recognized by theMuseum Department of fine arts of Florence,, the Atelier of Maestro Dari, is located in the old St. Nicholas Street, a few steps from Ponte Vecchio, in the heart of the historical centre of Florence.

In the Museum-Atelier, ua magical place located inside a historic building dating back to ‘ 400, where more than two centuries ago was found the “Madonna del Cardellino” by Raffaello, you can admire all the collections of the master in cases designed by himself or costrite. In twenty-two showcases of the Museum are placed all the collections with particular care to the collections themselves.

A large part of the sixteenth century is sometimes used as a studio-lab with several workstations for the students of the master. Here the metal work is like in the Renaissance, it starts from the merger until you get to the setting of the stones.

The same enamel and metal coating is done within the Great Atelier. At the top of the Studio there is an extensive study to draw and to play.