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Create in the 1991/992 two years period, in this collection Master Dari represents various crowns. The most part of the items are rings, made mainly with bronze and yellow gold and decorated by gemstones.
Since the beginning, mankind was organized in social classes and consequently there always was the need to state the social appurtenance through marks.
The crown was one of this marks – sign of power and also a visualization of the bloodline.
Generally crowns are in yellow gold, this metal represents the concept of light, is undefiled, it doesn’t oxidate and maintains its aspect and brightness during centuries. Also it became emblem of divine on earth.
For Dari the collection is focused on the spiritual concept that find itself in our
minds’ highest part. Crowning this aura above us is the acknowledgment of the importance of our body and the connection to something divine. The creation of a gold crown, with teeth toward the top, means, for Dari, the bond with the Divine and our inclination toward vertical position like a necessary natural journey.

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