Alessandro Dari

Florentine master of goldsmiths and sculptor

In the Dari Dynasty the tradition of the Goldsmith’s Art has been handed down from generations, since the birth in 1630 of the first workshop with Aldebrando Dari.

Master, Goldsmith as well as alchemist, pharmacist, craftsman and musician: Alessandro Dari is an all-round artist, heir to the poetics and ingenuity of the great Renaissance artists.

For the Master, spiritual research is a constant stimulus for the creation of works that do not limit the jewel to adorn the body and breaking with an extremely hedonistic vision, raise it to the level of Art.

Wearing his jewel means wearing a history, a tradition and a work of unique mastery. His sublime jewel micro-sculptures convey an entire universe enclosed within the few centimeters of metal, gold silver and precious stones.

An exemplary work, for unique artistic works in the world.

Perceptive dynamism

and the role over the time

Perceptive Dynamism”  arises from the desire of the Master to free the sculptural art of his jewels from the imprisonment of static and is inserted into a dynamism that tends to infinity. The movement conceals  a clear reference to MICHELANGELO’S sculptural work, which did not finish his works as only the incomplete world was infinite, without limit .Completing it was the observer’s job.

In the Perceptual Dynamism founded by the Master, the goldsmith’s work must tend to the incomplete, to the being infinite, a true work of art capable of approaching God. Infinite par excellence.

The perception of time itself represent the concept of temporality and changes according to the different moments of life: in love, in joy, in pain, in boredom. The perception of a sound or the space that surrounds us represents a portion of what man has defined as time, by convention.

To represent the emotionality of perception it is necessary to appeal to the Perceptual Dynamism. By creating movement, a door opens to the perception, and therefore to the soul. Once you have passed this door, a dialog is established with the perceptive mode of each observer.

Time, which does not exist, becomes a footprint of energy, if energy is, which unites. In the Perceptual Dynamism the work coincides with a deeper perception of form, a-temporal where life and death are incorporated thanks to movement.

The observer is thus free to make the work coincide with his own emotionality.


Certification and title of the Master

Master Dari has received numerous awards for his skilled goldsmith techniques and his works have been exhibited in various internationally renowned shows and group exhibitions.

He was awarded the title of honorary university professor of Goldsmith of the Faculty of Architecture of Florence. His works are exhibited at the silver museum of Palazzo Pitti and at the Museum of the Cathedral of Fiesole. Of particular importance is the work “ IL RAGNO SACRO” (The sacred spider), kept in the prestigious Museo degli Argenti in Florence.

In 2003 he received the Perseo Prize as the best artist of the city of Florence and in 2006 he was nominated chosen artist of the Vatican.

Over the past 30 years, countless journalistic newspapers and television broadcasts have turned the spotlight on Master Alessandro Dari’s on study laboratory, showing his exemplary works , in particular, inside the Logo: L’Alchimia delle Forme”, are collected his goldsmith techniques and the Profound Philosophy that guides him in the creation.

Alessandro Dari national ambassador of jewelry

After 50 years of dedication and unconditional love for the Art of Jewelry on January 16th the Master Goldsmith and Sculptor Alessandro Dari  received the “ 100 National Ambassador Award”.

Master Dari was awarded by the Italian Republic, together with 99 other Italian excellences, for having helped the Nation to acquire value, representing a virtuous beacon of growth of cultural heritage.

The ceremony took place in the splendid setting of Palazzo Madama in Rome, where the Master received the prestigious honors from the Honorary Committee chaired by the President of the Senate of the Republic, after being selected by a careful and scrupulous jury for his commitment of the development and in the diffusion of the Goldsmith’s Art.