Alessandro Dari

Master Goldsmith and Sculptor in Florence

In the historic workshop of Alessandro Dari in the heart of Florence, the tradition of goldsmithing art has been passed down through generations.

Alessandro Dari is not just a master goldsmith but also an alchemist, pharmacist, craftsman, and musician, embodying the legacy of Florence’s great Renaissance artists.

Each of his jewels is much more than a mere body ornament; they are artistic masterpieces of extraordinary craftsmanship. These sublime micro-sculpture jewels, unique in the world, encapsulate an entire universe within just a few centimetres of metal, gold, silver, and precious stones.

“Dinamismo Percettivo”/"Perceptual Dynamism"

Art Beyond Form

The “Perceptual Dynamism” movement, born from Master Dari’s desire to free the sculptural art of his jewels from the confines of form, gives them a freedom of movement that can express emotionality and narrate the story behind their creation.

Innovative and visionary, this movement breaks the chains of staticity, elevating jewels beyond the role of mere ornament. Each piece is a dialogue with the soul, an invitation to the observer to complete the work with their perception and emotions. In this movement, each jewel by Alessandro Dari becomes a living microsculpture, a fusion of art, dynamism, and emotionality.

Recognitions and Honors

A World-Renowned Florentine Jeweler

Alessandro Dari has distinguished himself as one of the most talented jewelers in Florence.

His artistry has garnered international fame, including the prestigious Perseo Award and the title of the Vatican’s Chosen Artist in 2006. He has been honored as an Honorary University Professor of Goldsmithing by the Faculty of Architecture in Florence.

His creations are displayed in the most prestigious locations, like the Silver Museum of the Palazzo Pitti and the Fiesole Cathedral Museum, testifying to his mastery in creating unique art jewelry in Florence.

National Ambassador of Jewelry

Alessandro Dari Honored by the Italian Republic

Crowned as one of the “100 national ambassadors” for his contribution to goldsmithing art, Alessandro Dari represents a virtuous beacon of growth for the cultural heritage.

In the magnificent setting of Palazzo Madama in Rome, the master received the prestigious honor from the Honorary Committee chaired by the President of the Senate of the Republic. This recognition underscores his commitment and love for the art of jewelry, solidifying his position as an icon in Florentine goldsmithing.

Consegna premio "Ambasciatore