The Creations of the Students

The school

The Museo Bottega of Alessandro Dari is also a school that trains students from all over the world.

More than 500 students choose this school every year.

The school provides high-profile professional and artistic training in the field of goldsmith and jewelry sculpture.

allieva 2014/2015

“Alessandro Dari Bottega changed my life, It was in September 2012 when I first set my eyes on this magical spot inside Florence’s ancient streets. It was love at first sight, the classical music of Bach, those soulful rings that take you to the old era, where magic did exist. Inside this place, you spot the maestro, sitting on his workbench and sculpting one of his masterpieces from wax. It was right through this moment that I know my life will change. I went back to Lebanon, presented my resignation at work, I was a TV producer and post production for 12 years and decided to learn wax sculpting. It was a big challenge, I did not know how to draw and I never sculpted before. The maestro believed in my courage and creativity and decided to help me. I used to go to the atelier every day, from 9 am till 5pm then Italian school from 5:30 pm till 7:30 pm and then back home to work on extra basic exercises.I am lebanese and I spoke Arabic, French and English during my stay I used to help the Maestro with welcoming the clients and guests. The school is very professional, you learn a lot. The Meastro is attentive and take care of each student. He appreciate hard working people and creative. I am grateful to this experience, I was lucky to meet such a persona,

I still believe and I will always believe that Alessandro Dari is not from this world. He is magic…”

Allieva 2014/2015

Entering the workshop of Master Dari is a unique experience. The Sculptural wax Modeling course teaches a new way of conceiving matter. The course taught me the multiple possibilities of and how there is always a solution to every problem you put in front of it . The master Dari not only gives a technical and theoretical training on the subject, but lets the student find his own creative solution, exploring the alchemical soul of the object, in order to allow a completely personal growth of the subject towards the matter.

The great passion of the master Dari is perceived in every corner of the museum workshop, becoming contagious for any lover of art and goldsmith. This course has not only improved my technical notions, but the approach and love in the artistic creation.