The Goldsmith's Workshop

The Goldsmith’s Workshop in Florence

The Creative Atelier of Master Dari

In the heart of Florence, Master Dari’s goldsmith’s workshop is a living echo of the Renaissance-era’s ateliers.

Here, the exhibition space merges seamlessly with the workshop, a sanctum where the Master and his disciples meticulously shape exquisite works of art. Recognized in 2001 as a “Museum-Workshop” by Rome’s Fine Arts Office, Master Dari’s goldsmith’s workshop has evolved into a renowned school.

Here, in the very rooms where the Master creates his pieces, courses in Sculptural Goldsmithing are held, ranging from short monthly lessons to Master Classes. Attracting aspiring goldsmiths and art enthusiasts alike, these courses are a gateway to the rich world of Florentine craftsmanship and artistic elegance, celebrating the enduring legacy of the city’s goldsmithing heritage.