The museum

An evocative exhibition atelier in the heart of the historic centre of Florence.

Master Dari atelier was recognized as a Museum- workshop by the Councillor of fine Arts of Rome in 2001.

Located inside the ancient fifteenth – century Palazzo “Nasi -Quaratesi” , this exhibition space is an arcane treasure guarded among the Florentine alleys which releases in the space of a new steps, a unique atmosphere of beauty and mystery.

Under imposing sixteenth- century vaults among alkyl symbols, ancient pharmacy jars, musical instruments , paintings and photographs , large pyramidal display cases guard the precious Art of the Master.

Each elements invites a sensory fusion with the environment, moving the boundary between the visible and transforming each visit into a dream journey within its universe.

Perceptive Dynamism, an artistic movement founded twenty years ago by Master Alessandro  Dari, is the environment: every student, but also every visitor to the Museum-workshop, enters a world that belongs to and that unites him with the others. This perception has a strong impact, stimulating lowering the defences of the one who also Bach calls “Guardian of the Soul” and proposing entrance to a new world.

In the upper part of the atelier there is also a studio for drawing and playing. Not in fact the passion for the classical guitar and more generally for the Master’s sacred Music.

The workshop

The Master’s creative workshop

Like the ancient Florentine workshops of the Renaissance period, the exhibition environment coexists with the Artistic laboratory, in which the Master and his students dedicate themselves to the creation of the works.

In 2001 his workshop, awarded the title “Museo Bottega” by the department of fine arts in Rome, also became a school: in fact, monthly courses of Master Classes is Sculptural Goldsmith are held in the study quarterly courses.