The museum

A suggestive exhibition space in the heart of Florence

Maestro Dari’s Atelier was recognized as a Museum-Workshop by the Department of Fine Arts of Rome in 2001. After twenty years it has become a full-fledged Museum-Atelier where visitors can also buy many of the Master’s works.

Located inside the ancient fifteenth-century Nasi-Quaratesi palace, this exhibition space is an arcane treasure kept in the Florentine alleys.

Admission to the museum is €5 and can be visited every day it is open without booking from 10.30am to 7.30pm.

This large exhibition space with more than 40 showcases and 2000 jewels brings together all the collections created by the Maestro.

The collections are all divided into themes and particular attention is paid to the works of “Perceptive Dynamism“, a new form of art created by the Master in 2002.

The workshop

The Master’s creative workshop

Like the ancient Florentine workshops of the Renaissance period, the exhibition environment coexists with the Artistic laboratory, in which the Master and his students dedicate themselves to the creation of the works.

In 2001 his workshop, awarded the title “Museo Bottega” by the department of fine arts in Rome, also became a school: in fact, monthly courses of Master Classes is Sculptural Goldsmith are held in the study quarterly courses.